Construct3: Game doesnt work on Internet explorer11

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  • Hello there!

    At first:

    Ive made a project which runs on every browser. I have windows 10 with edge where you can use ie 11 and emulate all other versions of ie. If i run it on my computer (and also on others in the office) it works.

    But our customer told us, that it doesnt work on their computer with ie11 (see specs below). He has only a black screen - no loading bar etc.

    And now the question:

    If the game runs on every browser (firefox, chrome, safari, edge and ie11) on all my machines i could test (the project is uploadet to a server, how it would be finally uploaded), what could be the general problem on his browser? I know this question is very general...but maybe someone knows what could be the problem, because i cant say.

    I think this could be a problem which has nothing to do with the browser. He told us he could load all other games but not this one.

    • Could it be the server we uploaded the project?
    • Or his hardware (the other games are similar, depending on the basic needed hardware specifications so i

    think this isnt the problem)

    • Could they have a browser setting which blocks the game?
    • Firewall? - but they dont get a message or a notification...

    Customer browser specs:

    Version 11.0.9600.18837

    Update-version: 11.0.48

    I know its difficould to say what it could be, without no application - but i think its something "out of the box" - like i said on my test machines the game runs perfect in all browsers...

    Maybe i have luck with this thread and someone will give me the final golden hint, i could ask them to take a look for.

  • The most important thing to do is ask them to open developer tools (F12) and reload the page, and see if any errors appear in the console.

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  • You can also use chrome

  • hello,

    same problem

    script refused

    c2runtime.js (5290,3)

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