Construct 3 Workshops for Beginners (LIVE remote instruction)

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  • Just wanted to post a running series of workshops ( that I will be hosting for newbies and beginners. I realize a lot of this type of info is out there free but in my own experience, I was always frustrated when first learning because of different styles, opinions and poor communication on simple concepts. I would have gladly paid for LIVE feedback to help me better understand and avoid the frustrations of early adoption.

    My pitch for beginners would be: You'll get LIVE instruction, immediate feedback to help you understand, and we'll attempt to soundly understand rather than just simply implement (and I have been a professor at a top design school who ranks among the top in Video Game Majors for many years).

    I only accept a maximum of 5 students per session so you will get individual time and attention.

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  • [reply to Pinkie's question, via duplicated "spam-label" post] In regards to your question about cost (399-4 wks). It is for those who want or need live instruction and guidance. It is not for everyone. You'll get 8-10 hours of live instructions + unique text and video content - in a format where you can ask questions and request specific information for clarity and understanding. I teach these same concepts in a summer camp workshop and I can tell you they accelerate understanding and results. It is my hope to also form a community where people will support each other and offer specific pin-point solutions to members. So it's not necessarily for someone who merely wants to dabble, rather has the expectations to do something "real" down the road at some point.

    All of this same stuff is available free on youTube and even on the Construct site for free, so if a student doesn't need the one-on-one live help, its not for them. Also, if you are addressing the type of person complaining that the cost of Construct being too expensive, then the workshops are definitely not for them.

    I can tell you from my own experience that learning some of the concepts are simply not intuitive, where as others are extremely simple and easy to apply. Personally, I would gladly pay a fee at times to save me hours of scanning YT videos and worst yet, step-by-step text driven tutorials - how painful is that? :-) One final note. I have been developing web and mobile platforms for over three decades - I have come to learn that there are different personalities in the personnel flow. People who are highly competent with technical aptitude and programming see absolutely no value in a workshop like this. But those who are highly skilled visually and who have had to deal with the frustrations of the limits that they face when actually trying to "build" their game or solution will appreciate these types of options. One GREAT feature of CONSTRUCT is that it lowers the bar for entry, BUT if you get into database integration, multi-player features, or some of the more advanced capabilities, you're right back at a high bar mark. Even the Javascript feature, as awesome as it is (and which I believe places Construct at a new level), is not for the non-programming light of heart.

    Anyone is free to disagree, but I can only speak from my own experience - there is a lot of great support in the community, and although I see some "attitude" periodically, the Construct community seems to be more helpful than most (i.e. stack overflow re: attitude). There have been times when I needed a simple solution to a problem - and I did not get it from the community, and I could not find it on YouTube, plus add to this there are so many "different" ways to code a solution - there are cases when a live knowledgable person with an on-target and super-efficient answer is worth it.

    Best regards...

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