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    I cant save or export my project. I see error "access denide" (screen is attached). I use construct 3 beta r158 and windows 10. How I can save my data or i will lose my project?

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    The Windows Store app for Construct 3 is now deprecated. It has low usage, is difficult to maintain, and no longer provides any advantage over the browser-based version. We will be removing all features specific to the Windows Store version in the near future. This means it will revert to the same features as you get in the Edge browser. It has also been de-listed from the Windows Store to prevent new customers finding it.

    We advise all existing users of the Windows Store app switch to the browser-based version of Construct 3 by visiting All your projects will continue to open and work exactly the same in the browser-based version.

    If you use local file & folder saves, note this is now available in Chrome.

    If you use Microsoft Edge as your browser, note Construct 3 works particularly well in the latest Microsoft Edge browser based on the Chromium browser engine.

    Thanks for your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy using Construct 3 in your browser!

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