Construct 3 - Use Web Extensions To Workaround Limitations?

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  • This is another question that I had in the back of my mind for quite a while now, I'd very much appreciate a response from someone with knowledge about web extensions/addons. General feedback or links to articles are welcome too.

    Is It Possible To Workaround Web Limitations using Web Extensions?

    Construct 3 is doing well and getting better on a weekly basis thanks to great content updates. Unfortunately there are still some missing features like instantly previewing in different browsers (like NW.js), which can currently not be implemented because it requires local-file access.

    I'm sure there are many more examples but to get to the point of this topic, could an official Construct 3 web extension give Construct 3 the necessary permissions in order to make features like the mentioned one possible? When talking about web extensions, I'm mainly talking about "addons" that can be found in browser specific web stores like Chrome's Web Store or the Firefox Marketplace.

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