Construct 3 vs Gamemaker Studio 2???

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  • Hey guys is there any specific reason to use GMS2 instead of C3??

    I heard GMS2 has better performance... But the more I search and dive into it.

    The more I realize that there is basically no reason to use GMS2 instead of Construct 3 unless you want to learn Unity in the future....

    Here is my experience:

    GMS2 Negatives:

    -Has no easy way of inputting text on screen.

    -Custom Fonts sucks ass... they dont even look good on screen.

    -Way less features apparently.

    GMS2 Pros:

    -GML GML is super awesome coding your game directly allows you to work less...and to do more...

    Construct 3 Negatives:

    - Cant think of any...

    Can anyone point out some comparissons as now of 2021?

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  • Construct 3 is a game engine of different domain. Here you can achieve almost anything with no-code. Hence you can't compare it with other engines.

    Regarding other domains, I guess it will belong to only 3 engines:- Unreal,Godot and Unity

    Regarding gsm2,there is absolutely no need to even touch it. Just go with Godot.

  • As newt pointed out, this benchmark actually shows Construct 3 has better performance than GMS2, at least on that benchmark.

    Construct also lets you code in JavaScript, which has far more features than GML with loads of powerful programming syntax and tools that have been in development for decades. It's also an industry-standard language that you can get a job working in. GML is years and years behind JS in features and is only used by one tool, so you'd have to learn another language if you go anywhere else. Using JS from the start means you have a much more powerful language, and you're learning transferable skills.

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