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  • Wanted to create a thread with some tips and tricks for people using C3 with Tablet PCs like Surface Pro and similar. Since I'm spending my whole work day at a desk I prefer doing my development in a more relaxed position, so i would like to consider myself a Sofa-developer.

    C3 using a Tablet PC

    So far C3 is running great in most browser but there are a few that might be better when it comes to pen/touch input. With the recent pen behaviour in fall creators update, and later chrome versions, at the moment of writing Firefox seems to be the best option. C3 runs great in all, but Firefox has not yet jumped on the "pen-scrolling" band wagon, so some functions are easier to do in that browser. Since C3 is now browser based we are at the mercy of the browser developers for some functionality, unless it is specifically implemented in Construct.

    Why firefox? (At this moment firefox is best but that might change.)

    * Does not have pen scrolling activated, so there is no conflict with other functions such as drag&drop, drawing, selecting.

    * Easiest browser when it comes to selecting and editing text in expression fields.

    * Pen is still recognized as a mouse, so it can be used to drag and drop in the event sheet.

    Known issues

    * If you're using C3 with pen and touch as your main input, there is a setting in firefox that can prevent your touch keyboard from firing when tapping input boxes. To combat this issue you can go to 'about:config' and setting the flag: 'ui.osk.detect_physical_keyboard' to disabled. This will prevent firefox from detecting a physical keyboard which can stop the touch keyboard from opening.

    * There is a small bug in firefox that prevents opening large C3 projects. I filed a bug for it and hopefully in r72 of C3 there will be a workaround for that. Another workaround is to use firefox Nightly which doesn't have this issue.

    I'm not going to go in to all the issues in the other browsers as there is simply too many. Text selection, drag & drop, scrolling are just some.

    Other recommendations

    * There is an app called TabletPro which can be found in the windows store. It has some really neat functions that can be very useful for tablet users. One of my favorite features is something called artist pad which looks like this. (left side of the image)

    It's a highly customizable toolbar with where you can add your own shortcuts and functions such as copy paste, undo, save, delete, and anything you can think of. Very handy indeed!!!

    I will try to keep this post updated with new info, as things may change in the future.

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