Construct user management api. Would this be of any interest?

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  • So this is just a thought running around in my head, bear with me.

    Along with Construct, I code professionally in PHP (yep, people actually pay me to write code, amazing). Of late many of the questions I've been answering on the forums either have a direct relation to AJAX and JSON or could be solved with AJAX and JSON. Right now, the solution for Construct programmers is to write their own code to handle these problems or learn the rigors of Firebase. The problem is, most people who write code for Construct have little or no knowledge of other languages.

    So this got me to thinking.

    If there were a service available that would allow you to do the following, would it be of interest?

    Using AJAX, create user accounts and store information like:

    • User name
    • Password
    • Email
    • Date Created
    • Number of logins
    • Last login
    • IP Address

    Email validation.

    • Send the user an e-mail when they create an account with a link that they can click on (or an in-game form) to verify their e-mail.

    Validate user logins:

    • Using AJAX, send a username and password and have it return whether the account is valid or not.

    Store and retrieve various variables:

    • The ability to send AJAX requests that store variables and retrieve them on demand, like high score, timestamps, current level, etc.

    Essentially, it would work like this:

    You send an AJAX request to a server. For example, to check if a user can login you'd send:

    AJAX url :

    and it sends you an JSON in return.


    "valid": true


    Take note, this would be a HUGE undertaking on my part. While I envision allowing a free account where you could test say 5 users maximum, anything beyond that would require a monthly fee.

    And this is just me thinking out loud. Nothing written in stone...

    What are your thoughts?

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