Construct as a unity editor extension.

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  • Hi, I already post to another thread. Actually, there's a tool that very similar to C2/3 that using event system in Unity. Not bolt or playmaker because it have different method, but if you want to work like C2/3 you can use unity asset called Gameflow, it works on components event system. For example, you can use event "if you do..." Then action "do something", or maybe you want to animate Sprite? Just click action "play animation", and many useful actions like "play sound/music", "on click button", "loop", "repeat", and many more. It's also have variable system like C2/3. You just set type of variable and then you can call variable to play with your action.

    I successfully convert to Unity using this asset without write any CODE. Totally smooth compare to Construct.

    So, visual script on unity that works similar to construct is EXIST.

  • Ruskul have you tried testing the performance of the C3 runtime in the beta?

  • Was about to say, very interested to see this topic float back up.

    C3's new runtime should help with some of the performance concerns we had in Construct 2.

    However, there's also the excitement of Chowdren coming to Construct 2 (and possibly 3 someday), as that provides also a solution to the console export goals.

    If Chowdren progresses well, I might change my personal recommendation back to Construct (with Chowdren) for any/all small company or indie needs, as it has worked well for the Clickteam users also!

  • Tested C2 runtime against Construct classic and classic was 3 times faster. So if C3 is 3 times faster than C2, it only means it's neck to neck with the archaic Classic from over a decade ago.

    C2 is fast enough for simple games though and C3 is more capable. Thing is they're not necessarily suitable for professional game development regardless of how fast the runtime is since the performance is bound by whatever wrapper is used and comes with baggage from the browser, like Chrome still having VSYNC issues as well as trouble streaming with software like OBS.

    This is why all the performance tests on the blog are on 30fps instead of a vsynced 60fps. A construct game simply will not hold vsync under slight load. Also you cannot run a game at 30fps unless you increase CPU load to slow it down.

    It seems Chowdren is presenting a native solution that has already demonstrated superior speed on top of fixing vsync, input lag and game streaming issues, so looking forward to where it goes.

    As things are now, I would only recommend using C2/C3 for making browser games.

  • BOLT looks like Construct style and BOLT has good feature: "Super Units"

    Just need "Super Units Library" like Construct 2's plugins, behaviors (Conditions, actions etc.)

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  • BOLT looks like Construct style and BOLT has good feature: "Super Units"

    Just need "Super Units Library" like Construct 2's plugins, behaviors (Conditions, actions etc.)

    There is another up and coming Asset on the asset store / also has a thread on the unity forums - called Game Creator that although not similar in the events system does provide their own event type system. Still early days but seems very promising after playing around with it a bit.

    Add Trigger, Add Event, Condition and then Action.

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