Construct as a unity editor extension.

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  • Yep, let's get with the campaign.

    "Make Construct Great Again!"

    I'll sell the hats.

    You guys build the wall.

  • newt

    You're welcome to make a Steam platformer in C2 with over 20 thousand players too and then come back and tell me I am wrong

    The engine has bad bugs, either in its engine loop and platformer plugins, and/or its NWJS wrapper.

  • I'm sorry you feel you've been unsuccessful with that many sales, or because of what it can't do for you.

    I just happen to feel that I've been successful because of what it has done for me.

    I also feel that constantly complaining about something that's never going to change does nothing except... build walls.

  • newt the sales arent the problem, its the glitches, missed collisions, and poor performance of HTML5/Construct/NWJS

    I have recreated our newest game's C2 prototype from scratch in C# and Unity and those issues went away.

    Aside from 2 years in highschool I am a self-taught coder.

    Performance should not be that different if "HTML5 is as fast as native", especially as we fit even more effects and code into the Unity build.

    Pretending these issues dont happen is actively participating in lying to people who are expecting to make real commercial titles based on the advertising.

  • Yep, let's get with the campaign.

    "Make Construct Great Again!"

    I'll sell the hats.

    Strangely enough, I'd have pegged Newt for a Trump supporter.

    Don't know why.

  • > Yep, let's get with the campaign.


    > "Make Construct Great Again!"


    > I'll sell the hats.


    Strangely enough, I'd have pegged Newt for a Trump supporter.

    Don't know why.

    No, but I would have figured you for an athletic supporter for all the pegging you do.

  • Please guys - enough.

    It doesn't feel 'nasty' as yet, but still - please play nice.

    To say it's strayed 'off topic' is an understatement.

  • Unity is an awesome tool, but it has a really steep learning curve.

    I teach game design to kids (age 12-16) and C2 is our first stop in the development process as it's elegant and has a gentle learning curve. Unity is our final destination, and a decent portion of the students don't make it there (which is fine as they can make their projects in C2 as it's all about differentiated learning).

    Would not want the two linked.

    I taught programing to kids for a while too and c2 was a great place to get started. Unity was the ultimate goal, but yeah, few of them progressed that far and had the interest.

  • Hard to build a business that's so reliant on another business and who can pull the rug out from you at any time.

    That makes sense. I didn't even think about that, but yeah.

  • Flashes like a machine gun on my semi older machine, which you can assume is at least half the market on desktop.

    Another reason you should be designing for low end rather than high end.

    Flashes once or twice on my 2012 MacBook Pro, then also flashes like a Machine gun when Maximizing.

    Geforce 650M GPU.

    Anyway, I think the current state of Construct 2 is more of a Construct 2.5 (2.3?) The real Construct 3 will be happening when the new C3 runtime is out imho. Then people will start making plugins again and really get on board from C2. C2 is still by far the more dominant Construct build. Frankly if it was native Mac i'd be using it instead as well.

    Either way, I use Unity with Playmaker and if I want to use a specific genre there is usually some sort of Asset that does it.

    I still love Construct though and i'm sticking around - for now at least - building smaller things that Unity will be complete overkill for. I have GMS2 but the new interface is a step back imho. I really hate working in it.

    I will try out GoDot soon again since I didn't look at it since they were discussing the Graphical Coding.

    Construct to me is the fun one though <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    I do wish however that Ashley and co can hurry op with the Construct 3 new runtime so we can get on with it, esp since it was eluded to that there will be some significant gains. ... -3-runtime

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  • newt

    You're welcome to make a Steam platformer in C2 with over 20 thousand players too and then come back and tell me I am wrong

    The engine has bad bugs, either in its engine loop and platformer plugins, and/or its NWJS wrapper.

    Yeah, I hear you. This was exactly why I had to leave construct for the final product. I mean I literally read through just about every c2 runtime file I could. The fact was, besides performance, I needed certain collision details revealed to me from the deep dark magic box that contains c2 collision logic. Because the code wasn't accessible, I had to write my own collision system as events which ran like poop. I then wrote it as a jscript behavior and it ran better, but then the real question was: Why am I fiddling with construct when I'm programing almost everything - I'm working harder for less power. I love constructs ease of use, but everytime people want more power there is a fear that will lead to ease of use diminishing. Unity isn't hard to use. It is simply hard to navigate by comparison. Construct has the gui and flow figured out and is meant for 2d. It just needs more power. But to be fair, it also has a small dev team.

    Now to be fair to contruct, I tried for like a year to make it work. But every time I requested something like - "Can I have the collision contact angle exposed by construct" ... It was met with we don't think we see the reason for needing that. Dismissed. etc... This makes making a game via the real construct method to be impossible unless your game functions like most other games. Think about a game like, "the floor is jelly". You couldn't make it with construct very well. Similarly, sonic the hedgehog and mario are also not possible (by events).

    Then we get to the performance issue. I have an okay laptop. Its old. But it runs unity, and runs my game at 180fps. Then I run the game prototype on the same laptop and get 12 fps. I'm also not an idiot when it comes to optimization. I like wasting time optimizing for no reason, but I had to make so many theoretical compromises to get the game to work with c2, so I switched.

    I like the power. But I liked the ease of the event system in cosntruct. I wasn't meaning that the devs should drop or require unity, rather that they should look at a way to get more power with only the work of creating the interface and SOL magic in unity. I think it would be a smashing success over there. Since I suggested it 2 more event style systems have been released (BOLT I hear is good, but haven't tried it) anyway. Now that I wrote a book.

    I have to address the bit about complaining and walls. I don't see this as a complaint but a point of reality. It could change, thus the motivation for sharing the struggle. I want change, thus I take the time to suggest things I would see as helpful. The point is, I like construct and would work with it if I could. The fact is, I cant anymore and that is still a bummer.

    Yes, I have made games with construct. They took a month to make, my friend actually even made outside tools that would go through construct save files and do things in bulk that were tedious to change by hand. I worked construct through and through. But the results that construct excelled at making were simple type games. Yes, you can make complex things, but there is an exponential increase in the work it takes to make things scalable and complex in construct. I need real oop for example and Construct still lacks that.

  • Hi, I already post to another thread. Actually, there's a tool that very similar to C2/3 that using event system in Unity. Not bolt or playmaker because it have different method, but if you want to work like C2/3 you can use unity asset called Gameflow, it works on components event system. For example, you can use event "if you do..." Then action "do something", or maybe you want to animate Sprite? Just click action "play animation", and many useful actions like "play sound/music", "on click button", "loop", "repeat", and many more. It's also have variable system like C2/3. You just set type of variable and then you can call variable to play with your action.

    I successfully convert to Unity using this asset without write any CODE. Totally smooth compare to Construct.

    So, visual script on unity that works similar to construct is EXIST.

  • Ruskul have you tried testing the performance of the C3 runtime in the beta?

  • Was about to say, very interested to see this topic float back up.

    C3's new runtime should help with some of the performance concerns we had in Construct 2.

    However, there's also the excitement of Chowdren coming to Construct 2 (and possibly 3 someday), as that provides also a solution to the console export goals.

    If Chowdren progresses well, I might change my personal recommendation back to Construct (with Chowdren) for any/all small company or indie needs, as it has worked well for the Clickteam users also!

  • Tested C2 runtime against Construct classic and classic was 3 times faster. So if C3 is 3 times faster than C2, it only means it's neck to neck with the archaic Classic from over a decade ago.

    C2 is fast enough for simple games though and C3 is more capable. Thing is they're not necessarily suitable for professional game development regardless of how fast the runtime is since the performance is bound by whatever wrapper is used and comes with baggage from the browser, like Chrome still having VSYNC issues as well as trouble streaming with software like OBS.

    This is why all the performance tests on the blog are on 30fps instead of a vsynced 60fps. A construct game simply will not hold vsync under slight load. Also you cannot run a game at 30fps unless you increase CPU load to slow it down.

    It seems Chowdren is presenting a native solution that has already demonstrated superior speed on top of fixing vsync, input lag and game streaming issues, so looking forward to where it goes.

    As things are now, I would only recommend using C2/C3 for making browser games.

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