Construct 3 taking too long to save big projects that uses folder project option

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  • Pretty much the tittle. I'm working on a big project (as in it have lot's of files) in C3 and today after we got the release 221 it took me about 3~4 minutes to be able to save the project using the folder project option.

    In some of the tries I even got an error (wich I used go get before anyway, seemingly at random) that says:

    "Unable to save project. Try checking you have permission to save in the chosen location. Alternatively, try saving a different way."

    As I said, I used to get this same error before this releasy anyway, but now getting it is even more frustrating since I lose a considerable amount of time for each time I try to save the project.

    It's also worh noticing that I'm only editing a few layouts and sheets before trying to save, but even in this situation it takes a lot of time for the save process to finish.

    Working with folder project is a very important feature for projects that uses version control softwares, but using this this option has been very frustrating the last few releases. Is there something Scirra could do about this situation?

  • Saving a folder project with just a few changes should save just a few changed files, which should be fast.

    As ever it's difficult to say any more or do anything about it without a sample project and steps to reproduce (i.e. the bug report guidelines).

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  • Thanks Ashley, I was relutanct about posting it in the issues tracker as I didn't know if this would be considered a bug, so I felt like discussing this in the forum first.

    I will open an issue there.

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