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  • The articles about the new features of Scirra with Construct3 on Facebook are less and less widely shared.

    They have gone from 1400 likes and 202 shares to start at 61 i like and 1 share now.

    So people are not going to know the novelties that Scirra brings or it is disinterested because this one are not interesting enough for those who are under Windows and do not make use of the mobile side.

    It's really sad

  • Just look at the blog posts. The first one has 17 pages of comments, the latest has less then 2. I understand the idea behind the trickle of information but people are really losing interest.

  • They are experiencing negative feedback for the subscription model, as expected.

    It comes down to running around trying to put out fires until the beta is out, or just letting them burn out on their own.

    Obviously that wouldn't work if the release date was a lot sooner.

  • I've said it before to Tom and I'll it say again. This marketing choice of slowly releasing everything until the beta is really a bad decision. At least pointless. They have to understand that this is not a game and no one here needs to be hyped to stick with the engine. If it's good It will be successful. Plus dedicating an entire blog post to small features is frustating at least.

    In my opinion they should release all info at once and use the time until the beta to start listening people's feedback. Most of us love C2 and Scirra's team because they allowed people from other occupations to make games. However no matter how great something is, eventually people lose interest.

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  • Probably a combination of things - one being that after the reveal of it all being web only a few of the other reveals were taken as obvious, so didn't come as any surprise. Also the stigma of a subscription would be enough to put most people off. No one wants to be judged by their facebook friends for being one of the small cogs in the system responsible for the ongoing trend of software rental schemes It's like telling people you're into pyramid marketing.

  • The huge number of comments were mostly based around negative feedback regarding the subscription model. I don't thing that we can count the less, but positive comments as losing interest. The blog post views could provide a more accurate data, but only Scirra has access to that.

    My personal opinion: While it seems that it's not the most successful approach a company can make to marketing, I have no problem with it. I love to get home from work to have a new blog post about features of C3.

  • Apart from a huge bang on the first announcement which has been expected, blog views have been steady and not declining. Honestly, we're pretty happy with how things have been going.

    Don't read too much into the FB numbers, we did some paid promotions earlier on which we've stopped for now.

  • Also remember Facebook is just one avenue, and subject to what Facebook's algorithms think is interesting - we have Twitter, thousands of people on mailing lists we're keeping up to date, etc.

  • I thought this way of marketing was smart. It is like "Tele Shopping".

    I have this product for you. And it can do this.

    But wait, it can also do this.

    Don't just leave now, here is another feature.

    Plus: hype buildup. Just like publishers do for big games.

    There are only 2 problems now in reaction to this way of marketing:

    • The content of the news items are not (and understandable) all as impactful or meaningful for everyone.
    • Early content digestion problems: the subscripion model (or its price) is hard to take for some people.
  • Just look at the blog posts. The first one has 17 pages of comments, the latest has less then 2. I understand the idea behind the trickle of information but people are really losing interest.

    Comparatively (the comments on each): ... o-end-soon

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