Construct 3 Scheduled auto backups to cloud and local

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  • with c2 i used to set some backup destination folders inside Dropbox, now with native google drive it can be easier to have daily, weekly and monthly backups locally and in cloud if there be an option to do so.

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  • Why not just save directly to the cloud?

  • Depending on project size this can be lots of uploads and takes time, i usually save work after changing or adding 2/3 actions/conditions.

    seems C3 has only single file option of c2 and this makes more uploads.

    Also when offline or with low internet connections cloud is not a reliable options specially for loading project .

  • forget to mention you Ashley

  • I am using Google Drive to save my projects. When saving it takes a little more time but I did not exprienced problems. None of my projects where ever corrupted or damaged.

    However, here I have a high speed DSL connection. In Botswana I have very poor and slow internet. I will ask my wife in Botswana to open and safe a "dummy" project created from my largest project. If that is going fine, I think you will be safe. Our internet in Botswana is really poor.

    When I was in Botswana back in June, I had no problems at all using Construct 3 despite the poor internet. It seems Construct 3 does not put heavy loads on the internet connection.

    One of my main problem is that whatever I do, I cannot use the offline version. It simply does not reload (pressing CTRL + F5) anymore and seem to be gone after closing Construct 3. But it will be solved in the future with the standalone version which is fine for me.

  • Thx for checking it up, i dont know about size of your largest project but its simply re-uploading everything because of no matter how small change you make also by being able to save locally and having regular cloud backups construct 3 can be a true offline game editor

  • Made a suggestion here upvote if you want

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