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  • Did anyone try working Construct 3 games with their Samsung phone plus Dex station? How is the performance and work process? Is it manageable?

  • I'm using Dex right now.. and seeing some weirdness. I can't seem to close the sprite editor because the top of that window is just out of the scroll area.

    Other than that, the demos run beautifuly!

  • We have one here at Scirra HQ! :)

    Unfortunately we can't get the bloody thing to work! :(

    Connecting it to a monitor doesn't seem to do anything... so because we have other things to do, it ended up in a cabinet collecting dust.

    But this thread has made me want to try and getting it working.

  • Can't tell you exactly what I did differently, but when I went to show some buds at work - it worked no problem! Sprite editor and all!

  • Yes i also played around with my Samsung Note 8 and Dex on a 27" curved screen and it worked as expected. I only had to switch to the Desktop view (not the Mobile view (Workspace), that came automaticly. But in Desktop Workspace view, it runs fine. (Chrome Mobile).

  • Any change about this? I wonder if it is worth the purchase of a Note 9 and work with construct both on the phone and in DEX. Thank you very much for your comments.

  • With Note 9 you can Use Linux on DEX, and so you will have no problems at all ! Just Use Linux on DEX and inside Linux on DEX you can use Construct3 in a Browser.

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  • Hello, has anyone tried the construct 3 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab s4?

    I need a device to work on trips =).

  • I do not have a Tab S4 but i think it should work. Because trhe Tab S4 is just an Android Tablet . If you do not use DEX Mode an Tab S4 it should work as expected !!

    But if you Use DEX an your Tab S4 , it will also work, BUT there are some unexpected behaiviors.

    In example ZOOM.... You cant Zoom with your FIngerns and also not with your Mouse. There is a PopUpMenu (right click) --> View --> ZOOM + /- But this acts unexpected .

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