Can Construct 3 replicate any SNES, NES, Genesis game or game mechanic?

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  • Is there any SNES, NES, Genesis game or game mechanic that Construct 3 can't yet replicate? Asking just out of general interest as to the capabilities of C3 or even C2 for that matter.

    I picked up C3 because it seemed like a good engine for creating old school style games. So far its been working great for me. I want to create games similar to that of which are on NES SNES and Sega Genesis but Im just really curious if anyone knows of any sort of game mechanic or even game from that era that construct cant yet replicate?

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  • Mode7.

    I mean you can, but let's just say it's a hard Mode7.

  • I'd say yes. Even Mode7... I vaguely recall R0J0 having a working example somewhere.

    But I mean, even the oldest published games on those systems were not exactly "indie" efforts... so just because it CAN probably remake any game from the 8 bit era it doesn't mean it would be easy to.

  • I mean pretty obvious a lot of those games would not be easy to remake. Any game really takes time even a Pac-Man clone. The question was simply can it be done through this engine. Im just trying to gauge the capabilities of Constructs engine

  • Pretty much any 2D game type/genre can be made with C2 and C3. The limit is on your own capability & art assets.

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