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    Personal and Business Licenses

    Personal License Subscription

    $99* USD per annum.

    This license is for personal use only and is not permitted for use by any businesses (including but not limited to LLCs, sole traders, corporations, non profits etc). Permitted users of this license are allowed of course to sell their games and make money, unlike Construct 2 there are no revenue limits.

    Start-up Business License subscription

    $149* per seat per annum.

    The Start-up Business License is for companies that have annual revenues of less than $50,000 USD AND net assets of less than $100,000 USD** . i.e. we are looking to help small companies with marginal resources, not start-ups which have substantial funding.

    Business License subscription

    $399* per seat per annum.

    This license is for use within businesses whatever Construct 3 is being used for. This may include prototyping, training, marketing, making games for sale or any other activity.


    Existing and New Construct 2 Personal and Business license customers

    Customers who purchase Construct 2 on or after 1st February 2017 (the launch announcement date) will be eligible 100% discount on the first year subscription price for a license of the same type or lower (where Business is the highest and Personal is the lowest).

    Customers who have purchased Construct 2 prior to February 1st 2017 will be eligible to a 50% discount on the first year subscription price for a license of the same type or lower.

    We realise there are some territories that force users who wish to sell their creations for profit will now not be covered by the Personal Edition (eg. Germany). We do not want you to miss out on these discounts and are working on a fair solution.

    Education license subscription

    The subscription price for education establishments is $39.99 USD* per seat per annum. This applies to all Schools, Universities and College education establishments whether publically or privately funded. By agreement with the company, this license may also be available to other organisations where the product is used for education purposes.

    The pricing effectively provides for a fixed number of concurrent users which may be utilised on-site or at a student’s home. Therefore take-home licenses are effectively included in the subscription price.

    Monthly Subscription

    There will be a monthly subscription option at $12.99* per seat per month for short term use.

    Existing and New Construct 2 Education license customers

    Existing Construct 2 customers with multi-year licenses will be able to continue to use Construct 2 for the remainder of their license term or to upgrade to Construct 3 for the remainder of the license term at no additional cost.

    The Construct 2 education license will be available through until the end of the 2018 academic year.

    Student License Subscription

    There will be a new Student License at $39.99* per annum. These licenses must be authorised by a full-time education establishment, however, that establishment does NOT have to have an Education License in order for their students to participate. They establishment will need to appoint an account holder in order to authorise students.

    Free Edition

    There will be a free edition of Construct 3 available.


    If you have any questions about the pricing, please email and we will be happy to clarify.

    * These prices are set relative to a fixed Sterling value on 14th Feb 2017 and the company reserves the right to adjust these prices in the event of fluctuations in currency exchange rates. These US dollar prices are indicative and local country currency prices may differ.

    ** Or equivalent in other currencies

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    We're making small changes to the pricing of Construct 3:

    • $5,000 USD earning cap on Personal Edition Licenses is being removed, Personal Edition users are allowed to make unlimited revenues now.
    • Any officially registered business organisation of any sort (limited companies, sole traders, corporations etc) are not permitted to use Personal Edition licenses and must use at a minimum the Startup Business license.

    This should bring clarity to our licensings, if you're an individual not affiliated with a business organisation you're permitted to use the Personal Edition license.

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