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  • Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of buying the Personal Licence today, as I think construct 2 is a fantastic software for newbies like me, and I've enjoyed using it a lot on the demo version over the past couple of months.

    Does anyone know if any discounts are available anywhere? Just checking, before I pay the full price.


  • Ok - so I just noticed that there's the option of purchasing Construct 3. I've never actually looked at this software, I've always just used Construct 2.

    What's the difference? I see that Construct 3 supports multiplayer online gameplay (something I'd like to explore in the future), so would this be better?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Both C2 and C3 support multiplayer.

    C3 is the latest version of Construct that works on the vast majority of devices and platforms (PC, Mac, Chromebooks, mobiles, tablets... it goes on!) whereas C2 only works officially on Windows PCs.

    In terms of practical end-use features, C2 and C3 are currently tied - as they both use the same runtime (the underlying engine that powers Construct games).

    However C3 has a dramatically improved UI and tweaks to existing features (such as the array editor, which provides a visual aid - something lacking in C2) - the full list can be found here.

    Whilst they seem very similar now, C2 to C3 represents a paradigm shift towards a more flexible "tool". I'm remiss to call C3 a tool as I personally view it as more of a service, and C2 as a product. This is reflected in new export features (C3 offers automatic Android app generation and official IAP plugins), and subscription based pricing model; which allows the devs to iterate on existing foundations.

    Moving forwards, C3 will receive an updated runtime that will offer better performance and capabilities, making it the logical choice if you have ambitious ideas that will push the engine to its limits.

  • Thank you very much for this detailed description

    If I buy C3 will I be able to load the demo game I made in C2 and continue working on it, or will I have to start from scratch?

  • Yes* - however once it becomes a C3 project, you will only be able to open it in C3.

    *Assuming it doesn't use a 3rd party plugin that the developer has not ported to C3.

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  • Thanks!

    So I went with the c3 option Wish me luck!

  • Ok so i'm working on my new project in construct 3 after buying the personal licence.

    Does anyone know if my purchase includes the free bundle of assets like sounds/sprites etc that the construct 2 package comes with?

    I kind of assumed it did and completely forgot to check :/

    Getting some sci-fi sounds / techy stuff for my game was one of the main reasons for buying it.

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