Construct 3 on-the-go with DragonBox Pyra?

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  • Have you heard of this upcoming Pocket PC called DragonBox Pyra running Debian Linux OS. It has a specific gaming controls and probably enough muscles to run C3 and games...

    Pyra Specs

    [quote:1yrxgb94] the Pyra will be optimized for both gaming and desktop usage.

    Gaming controls (digital and analog), a full keyboard, an accurate high-resolution touchscreen will both serve you well for web browsing, gaming, server administration, coding or office work.

    Emulate all the consoles from your childhood without sacrificing on the controls or enjoy native games, written or ported by Pyra community members.

    Want to run the normal desktop FireFox and full office suites like LibreOffice? That's possible as well.

    What do you think? Could it be possible to develop/play C3 games on-the-go with this kind of a system?

  • Looks like something from the 90's

  • spongehammer

    That's true. Not the most sleek piece of hw - considering the looks, but what's inside matters the most. The device has many features that makes it quite interesting system to develop with...

    Their utube channel

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  • I quite like it..despite its looks it does look quite powerful.

  • Errmm... it has a Texas Instruments chip! I thought they were winding down their chipmaking business and firing everyone who worked on that. According to Wikipedia the OMAP 5 was released in early 2013, so it's already a couple of generations behind current chips. So to me this actually looks like a weak and obscure hardware, hardly a powerhouse...

  • Ashley

    That is true, but they also say [quote:29ghptac]the Pyra will be more powerful than what Nindendo or Sony has as handheld lineup

    [quote:29ghptac] The Pyra has been designed that it can be upgraded by the user.

    You can simply buy a new CPU board, mainboard or LCD and replace it yourself, without having to buy a completely new device.

    Here is some discussion about the performance matter:

    Is Pyra expensive outdated hardware?

  • Seems like a spiritual successor to OpenPandora, but yeah I don't expect it to perform better at HTML5 games than the average cell phone based on those specs.

  • I followed the pandora a little online and was tempted to get one. But as Ashley mentioned the hardware managed to be outdated by the time they actually for the thing out and that seems to be the same with this model. Shame as its a really nice idea and the guys put in alot of hard work into it. Technology just moves so fast!

  • I like the concept but what if they made a laptop with a wired controller and even have it like attached to the case to hold it. Now that a thing id like to buy oh and have the laptop to have a place to hold a external mouse as well so that we can stop buying backpack to hold the gears in.

    I wonder how come no one has made a housing that can hold controller and mouse in one cause most of my device break when the laptop is hitting the devices while im walking. such a Feature id die for

  • Jayjay the same guy is developing pyra. So it is kind of OpenPandora 2.

    Mayfly I actually preordered the original OpenPandora, but had to cancel the order then...

    Little bit on the fence with this one at this time.

  • Could this "pocket-pc" be powerful enough for Construct3

    GPD Pocket

    It would be nice to be able to make games where ever and when ever...

  • You mean like...... Using your android phone or tablet which is currently 100% supported

  • That one seems a bit too tiny to get any actual work done.

    I'm using a Surface pro 4. Big screen, and working with Touch/Stylus only works well. There are similar cheaper devices if it's too pricey. But having touch directly on the development device is awesome especially if you're doing mobile games, to try the games directly.

    C2/C3 is surprisingly usable even without keyboard/mouse. Just using on screen keyboard for expressions etc.

    Big plus, is also ability to draw your art on the device, with the stylus.

  • Game development isn't very convenient with phone or tablet, but It might work with that kind of tiny laptop.. I'd prefer something that fits in to pocket... I have new xps15 with touch screen, but I don't carry it with me...

    tunepunk thanks for the tip. Maybe surface is mobile enough.

  • Could this "pocket-pc" be powerful enough for Construct3

    GPD Pocket

    It would be nice to be able to make games where ever and when ever...

    Yeah that seems more like a device that will do.

    I think as long as you stay with an Intel or AMD chip you will be fine.

    If you want to go with Construct 3, make sure that it can run WebGL2.0 and the gpu is not in the 4% blacklisted ones.

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