Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • Oh, that worked! Now I can sync up with Google Drive again. Thanks!

  • > Latest chrome breaks all effects, sad that c3 still rely on 3e party software.

    We've not seen any reports of this. Also all software relies on third-party tools, frameworks, OSs and drivers, it's an unavoidable fact of modern software development.

    Maybe you should test some stuff you're self intern in place to w8 a paying customer notice some serious bugs!

    Color filters don't work in latest chrome, my 900+ hour work in C3 that is fully depending in using color filters is.... how you should response in my place Ashley? Just ignore it as paying customer to just keep going with c3? Or going to Unity or Unreal? I Really want to stay with C3 but if I can't make money and can't rely on it, what's the point to believe in you and stay here after 9 years support Ashley?

  • Today I switched from google drive cloud saving to saving locally, because the google drive login constantly popping up when it auto saves was bothering me.

    But for some reason now it doesn't auto save at all anymore with me saving files to a local folder.

    Is this a bug, a limitation of the browser based IDE or am I just the only one with this problem?

  • Hello!

    If anyone is still experiencing a crash with the nwjs crash after resizing the preview window, closing then opening it again (or just experiencing the nwjs crash when in the middle of using the dev tools), feel free to do this until Scirra update their nwjs version for Construct 3 Desktop (I know this issue has been very disruptive for me):

    First of all as a precautionary measure. Save a back up of your project as a separate file (or folder) and continue using that until scirra update the nwjs.

    Second of all: copy the folder that you have of Construct 3 as a backup in case something happens with your installation (worse case scenario, you can always just download the old version from here again anyway. I don't think you'll run into any problems).

    Third: download this:

    Fourth: Extract all of the files EXCEPT FOR THE .EXE FILE (keep the Construct3.exe unchanged. If you change it to the new one, it will not load any saved projects so it's important this file is unchanged).

    Fifth: Run Construct 3. You will be able to use your dev tools (press F12), close and open the preview window as much as you want without it crashing the nwjs.

    I hope this is is helpful.

    Thanks to Forbidden_Soul from Twitch for helping me with this issue. I can finally test my game without experiencing a crash every 30 seconds.

  • Updated the original post with new downloads based on Chrome 76 (NW.js 0.40.1). This should have a fix for a crash issue involving popup windows.

  • Its keeps crashing while I'm trying to login to dropbox.

    Also, I have no sound in nwjs at all.

  • here too

    login to Dropbox crashing

  • It's not clear from your posts which version you are using. Is this an issue in the 0.40.1 version? Which steps are you following exactly? In general we need all the information required by a bug report to be able to help, otherwise the information is too vague to be of any use.

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  • Newest version, 0.40.1 (downloaded yesterday). When I click on the Cloud and choose Dropbox, Login to dropbox window shows up. If I press login button then its crashing. no errors, no messages shows up, C3 just disappears.

    Also, Video plugin have no sound at all after exporting to NWjw. Can somebody confirm that before reporting a bug?

  • Filed this NW.js bug for the crash issue.

  • Updated the original post with new downloads based on Chrome 77 (NW.js 0.41.0).

  • How do I revert to old C3 releases within the Desktop build?

    I was using just stable releases, but the latest stable release broke my game so I need to go back through old the Beta releases to see where it started to go wrong.

    (I use a project folder and that can't be opened in the browser editors.)

    Thank you 🙂

  • You can use the browser version. A project file is just a zipped project folder renamed to .c3p.

  • Found this info from Eren on how to revert to older desktop releases:

    Open "package.json" and edit "main" line

  • Found this info from Eren on how to revert to older desktop releases:

    Open "package.json" and edit "main" line

    (image here)

    I've written a small native App that does exactly that. You can try it out yourself if you like:

    In a week or two, I'm going to release an overhauled version with even more features like automatic updating and using custom release builds (e.g. for use after the official release builds have been deprecated). If you follow that topic you'll get a notification when it comes out, currently in testing.

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