Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • TheRealDannyyy - the server hosting the files is having a brief outage, hopefully it will be back live soon.

    Unprofessional - have you tried using Chrome's 'Install' feature? Construct should offer this itself in the main menu, as the 'Install as app' button. That lets you create a desktop shortcut, open without any browser UI, etc. so it looks and works just like a native app. (And it works offline, as the browser version does.)

  • Unprofessional I'm using the web app right now since the desktop one crashes with a nwjs bug. The only thing I'm missing from the deskop app is to save my projects as a project folder, maybe Ashley will implement it when he's got some spare time :P

    On the other hand I've noticed the desktop app to be less resource-intensive (RAM-wise) especially when previewing big projects.

    Regarding porting plugins it's kinda easy if you know what you're doing. I ported some and remade some things using in-built stuff. For some reason they removed some var thing and some C3 plugins like valery popovs's JS and others don't work anymore. I'd stay far away from plugins if I were you, unless you make small games with a plugin that works right now and never intend on updating it since some things just change so much it breaks half of them.

    "give me an honest answer" if i'd feel like lying i'd go on reddit or something :D

    About the browser interface I can't say I mind. In some cases it gets in the way (when Chrome has bugs), but then again in most actually I like it. I like having access to the dev tools and changing things like that damn dim whenever a popup opens, kills my eyes, so I can just remove it which is pretty damn awesome!

    Another cool thing is that I could pick up a small project from my phone or whatever and the cross platform is again really great.

    C3 has gone a long way since it was released, it's definitely worth it compare to C2, especially if you don't bother porting things. My advice is for you to finish whatever projects you have in C2 and then start new ones in C3.

    (couldn't get the embed to work or I stupid)

  • I'm not worried about plugins. I really need them though. Actually, I just need one, which works with C2. But if there is any sort of documentation, I'm pretty sure it would be easy to port it to C3.

    My worries about Construct 2 was that it would soon be out of date and my worries about Construct 3 was that working in a browser would be like a toy, not a tool. I've been working with Visual Studio, Unity, stuff like that, so I feel kind of uneasy about editor in the browser.

    But it works fine, doesn't it? Even in bigger projects. And plugins work too, don't they? And there is documentation, isn't there? And you can work offline, can't you? And on top of it there is this desktop version now.

    Well, thanks guys, I'm gonna think really hard about going back to Construct. Actually I miss working with Construct, the entire thing is a jewel and Ashley should be in hall of fame of brilliant programmers, if there was such a thing. I've made three games in Construct 2 and loved the experience. Development is so fast comparing to other tools.

    I just got careful with Construct 3. Wanted to wait until it was mature enough and then ask around. So I'm asking. So far I like the answers.

  • For me at least, C3 is in a great place right now, it's fine making a serious game with.

  • Been waiting for so long for the ability to use code in construct, so finally new beta today. Cool, I say, so go try to download, boom, server down. Try, try and try again, server down. Seems like issues with https, so I was able to grab it using HTTP link. Go figure. <rubbing hands together>, run it, try to log in, boom, can't. It's telling me something or another about the server down. Ok, so, I try, try and try again, finally get logged in. Enthusiasm starting to drop a little, slowly being replaced with frustration.

    Ok, so testing out things, do the alert("hello world"), nothing. No popup. WTF I'm thinking now. Close c3, reload, boom can't log in. OMG... now frustration is turning to anger. Finally, I'm able to see the script stuff working. So now let me export to NW.js and make sure that works. Try to export and boom, unable to load nw.js version, check your internet connection. OMG... talk about getting hyped up just to get kicked in the balls. And that is where I'm at at the moment if I close and restart interment problems logging back in. Can't seem to export because it's not able to connect to the server to download nw.js.


  • We've been having an outage on our download server which affects NW.js. Everything else should be working OK. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Updated the original post with new downloads based on Chrome 75 (NW.js 0.39.0).

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  • Updated the original post with new downloads based on Chrome 75 (NW.js 0.39.0).

    Thank you for the update!

  • Where can I see the differences between the Construct 3 desktop app beta and stable versions?

  • Latest chrome breaks all effects, sad that c3 still rely on 3e party software.

  • Latest chrome breaks all effects, sad that c3 still rely on 3e party software.

    We've not seen any reports of this. Also all software relies on third-party tools, frameworks, OSs and drivers, it's an unavoidable fact of modern software development.

  • Is it possible to use Node FFI with nwjs? I tried adding this in a script file but it will error:

    var ffi = require("ffi");
  • There's a crash with Cloud save in construct3-win64-c75-beta (and also the latest stable I tried). I tried connecting my Dropbox, but it din't work.

    Now, whenever I click Cloud Open, the Dropbox window immediately pops up. No matter what I do there, it will then crash. I can log in, it crashes; or close the window, also crashes. Construct then just closes with no error message.

    Everything else works fine, as long as I never try to Cloud open/save.

    Is there a way to clear Construct's storage? It looks like the beta + stable folder share the same storage and have the same bug.

  • Chaia The same thing happens to me. I purchased a new pc and tried running a fresh copy of the desktop version (r157). However, I had no problems opening Dropbox on my old pc, with the same version (r157). That confuses me.

    Ashley has addressed this in a recently closed bug report here...

    Until then, the way I got around it was to QUICKLY close the Dropbox api popup as soon as it opens. That will prevent the crash and you can then select another service (ie. OneDrive or Google Drive) which do work, btw.

    Hope that helps.

  • Oh, that worked! Now I can sync up with Google Drive again. Thanks!

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