Construct 3 is not retaining login details or plugins

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  • Hi, I have recently run into this issue - up until now I have not been using third party plugins but I found a useful one for my project so installed and used it. I am working across multiple devices and browsers - sometimes using the app and sometimes using browser to build the game. Now when I open my project it tells me there is a dependency on a plugin and that it's not installed. If I install the plugin and restart construct I get the same error, it just doesn't remember that the plugin is installed. Oddly enough it seems to work in firefox, but in Chrome or the app I can't even open my project. It should be noted that it always asks me to log in as well it never retains my login info. Any tips on what could be causing this? I've installed this plugin about 10 times now and it's driving me mad. Thanks for any assistance or ideas.

  • Can't you bundle the plugin into your project file save now? Or am I remembering wrong... I don't normally use plugins.

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  • Check for any privacy or storage related browser settings or extensions. If you have something configured to do something like wipe your browser storage after every pageload (perhaps for some purpose like enhancing privacy or anonymous browsing), you'll also wipe all addons and settings from Construct. The default settings should work, as browsers generally keep storage for at least a few weeks or until you manually wipe it.

  • As Ashley wrote, Chrome is most likely configured to wipe session data on browser restart. If that's the behavior you want overall, you can always use Site Settings to keep the data just for Construct .

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