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  • Hi, so I have almost completed my Multiplayer (two player) game with C3 Multiplayer official plugin. However, like many others, I too face the same annoying NAT/Firewall/Connection issue where many of the players (including myself) cannot connect! (changing the internet or making hotspot works).

    Anyway, I am now thinking of switching to Photon Real-time plugin for C3 (e.g. ).

    Question is: Is there a way to keep almost all my C3 Multiplayer events and actions, and just re-route the signalling server to the one provided by Photon to solve this problem somehow?

    I am still a noob when it comes to server-side / web / networking or software programming. Any help is much appreciated !



  • No, you need to re do all the events. It is a totally different service.

    You can get the plugin for free directly from Photon website.

  • Thanks fredriksthlm

    I did see Construct 2 SDK (c2addon) on their website, but not C3 !? Is it possible to somehow use c2addon in C3 directly? It would save me $99 ! Please let me know thanks!

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  • also the C3 plugin exist in the same zip file if you download from Photon. with example projects.

    (But I would buy Chadoris plugins in either case, just to get playfab :) )

  • Thank you so much fredriksthlm

    Wow! I didn't know! Yes it does include c3addon :D

    Really, I appreciate Chadoris efforts to make SO MANY of the most awesome plugins, but I wish the pricing would be more flexible. I mean, c'mon, 90% audience here are Indie dev, most of them just beginners. I wish each individual plugin was also available alone for $10 to $20 something. She'd actually have earned more like that considering the target audience. Anyway! Thanks again :)

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