Construct 3 Multiplayer for free?

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  • HI! I have always been interested in making multiplayer online games. When i came to construct i was so sad that there was so many limits. And when i was in adding and testing i saw i needed a construct 3 licence. So maybe if you made Construct 3`s Multiplayer plugin free then i would be using this a lot more!

  • If you are about to create online multiplayer games I would advice you to actually buy the licence..

  • Ok but i dont intend to buy the licence for a while. Maybe construct 3 could extend how many events we have. Thats one big problem. Maybe also make remote play free. I have been wanting to send this game to one of my friends but remote play is not for the free licence. Construct 3 is really good i just dont like the limitations...

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  • Please note that the official online multiplayer implementation of Construct 2 and 3 still has game breaking issues, yet the devs never bothered fixing them up. They really don't care about the multiplayer feature. I've given up asking for fixes after all those years which made me stop using Construct eventualy.

    Wouldn't recommend Construct if you're going for multiplayer at all.

    And if you still plan to do so, maybe try a multiplayer plugin instead.

    If it's just for prototyping and you don't care much about sync issues and objects going missing... sure, go for it.

  • i use photon for multiplayer, always works perfectly.

    But if you don't pay anything at all, then you can't really complain about missing features and limitations.

  • Thanks! I have also heard colyseus multiplayer. I dont know if this is any good. If you have any suggestion plugins for multiplayer please tell me. Thank you!

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