Construct 3 Mobile - How to drag events?

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  • Ayy, I was playing about with C3 on mobile, it's quite amazing how well it works!

    One thing I couldn't figure out was how to drag events and stuff around the event sheet view. I can cut and paste but this wipes my clipboard and is quite a slow process with the long presses and such.

    I tried googling and checking documentation but no mention of this?

    Imo if it was customisable, I'd have it so a two-finger touch would scroll, and 1 finger touch would act like a regular mouse and drag stuff.

  • It's not currently supported. Drag-and-drop needs to work fundamentally differently with touch input to disambiguate it from pan scrolling. Using one finger to drag and two fingers to scroll doesn't necessarily work well either, since often using two fingers to scroll means putting down and moving one finger first before the second touches the screen, meaning you accidentally start a drag before you start a scroll - and this could happen pretty much every time you try to scroll, which would be irritating.

    Designing these kinds of subtle touch interactions is lots of difficult work and has to be reinvented separately to the mouse input. As a small team with limited resources we've not put in the time yet to implement all of that. This is one of the reasons we advertise the mobile version as being suitable for reviewing and tweaking projects, rather than being a main development environment.

  • Oh yeah I see the issue with designing that.

    How about maybe having about an 8th of the screen on the left be for scrolling, and then any touches on the rest of the screen could be treated as a mouse with drag and drop? It's like so well designed and usable, it seems only just this bit is missing from being usable on mobile! So cool though.

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  • I tried a bluetooth mouse, but it doesn't seem to work for that in mobile.

    Seems like one of those would be a reasonable workaround.

    Keyboard, mouse, chromecast, on a powerful enough mobile... just like desktop.

  • newt ahh shoot I was going to try a mouse. Cheers for the info.

    I do really hope that it's possible to implement some way to do this, even if it's an "Experimental Feature" that's quickly thrown in that reuses C3 code that already exists.

    Having a section on the side of the screen that scrolls (just like how it scrolls now), but then the rest of the screen is drag/drop (with small deadzone when touching so you can still long-press on events) would be extremely useful imo.

    Or, a button at the top that's only visible on Mobile, that toggles between "Scroll" and "Drag and Drop" mode. Anything is better than cut & pasting over and over (If you had an event with 5 actions and wanted to add a new action at the top, then you would need to cut and paste all of the actions to get your new action to the top of the list).

    Personally I spend 99% of my time in the event sheet view, - I was amazed when messing around with C3 on my Note 9, it is designed very well for mobile with it's side-panes and such, it was literally just the one missing feature - to be able to drag events and actions around.

    I do understand that mobile support is advertised for reviewing and tweaking, a keyboard and mouse is certainly way more efficient and effective and a mobile screen is very small and trickier to work with, but currently for mobile, it really does seem like "drag and drop" is the only missing feature for the event sheet view when comparing desktop to mobile (Things like multi-select get a lot more complicated and I'm not worried about that at all!).

    In my case as a hobbyist, I would use this during my lunch break at work, or before bed, or when travelling, or when I go to a place where I can't bring a laptop or something and just hop on my phone and do some bits. This would also make me feel like I'm getting more out of subscribing as I would be able to invest more time into C3 throughout the day.

    Sorry to post about this here, I understand there's a suggestions page, but I don't really know how to gain attraction to something like this, I am kind of hoping it isn't an overly complicated thing to implement, even experimentally.

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