Is Construct 2 license giving access to Construct 3 ?

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  • Look, this is the first forum I've ever replied to or posted within...EVER. I am genuinely not concerned if I am not following protocol, as I am not finding the answer to my question anywhere within the Construct forums, and I am needing an answer wherever anyone can provide. If I bought a Construct 2 personal licence, am I covered under Construct 3, or do I have to buy a Construct 3 personal licence? Please and thank you to anyone who provides a helpful response.

  • If I bought a Construct 2 personal licence, am I covered under Construct 3

    No you're not. ^^ They are two separate software, if I can say. Plus, C3 is to buy annually, unlike C2.

  • Your first post is very rude and you are acting extremely entitled, especially for an information that has been around the forums for months now.

    Owning a C2 license can give you access to a discount on a year of subscription to Construct 3. You can connect to using your credentials and visit : to learn more about discounts and how to apply it to your subscription.

    Posting in someone else's topic on a far different subject is called topic hijacking, it is rude and pretty ridiculous since it is not about the same subject at all.

    Please prevent yourself from doing so in the future.

    I have separated it and made it into its own topic, which makes far more sense in the first place, especially with a dedicated title.

  • Hi,

    the answer is pretty clear about construct3, though i saw that in C3 there is an option for using the C2 runtime.

    In that case - that i am using the older C2 runtime is it still not possible to use the C2 license?


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  • No, they are separate software, with separate licenses.

    The C2 runtime is available in C3 as a backwards compatibility option, since C2 projects can be opened in C3, in case there were cases where some old projects did not behave as expected with the C3 runtime.

    Generally speaking the C3 runtime works fine for C2 projects as well AFAIK, so the C2 runtime option will probably be rarely used in the future.

    If you want to use C2, I believe you can still purchase it as a one time purchase for lifetime access.

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