Construct 3 on iOS when? Any ideas?

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  • Just purchased Construct 3 because what am I crazy? :]

    It's awesome, I love it. Caught the end tail of the gamejam too on newgrounds: It's an underwater salad, click but you've been warned.

    For my setup I use an iPad Pro & use Construct with remote view via Windows 10. This works well but I would ideally want to run Construct 3 natively in a browser on the iPad itself. No connection problems, it's reliable etc.

    I was wondering what are the chances Apple updates Safari to allow for iOS C3? If there are chances, is there a roadmap? If there are no chances, what can I do? What can we do? I'm an Apple Developer too so can I log a report, ask someone at Apple?

    If we do this together, we'd get more of a reaction too.

    Is there any roundabout way for Scirra folks to make it work or appeal to Apple?

    Thank you for reading through a long tedious bunch of text. Any thoughts?

  • Looks like its going to be in iOS 11.

    Nice little game you made there too matey .

  • troxx I didn't know thaaat. That's awesome! But I got iOS11 Beta and it says that this browser is not supported. Any links where I can read about C3 being compatible with iOS11? Just something approximate I can do the heavy digging. Thanks

    Also glad you liked the game

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  • That post refers to Remote Preview only, not the full C3 editor.

    Support for the browser APIs we need is pretty much entirely up to Apple, and they are notoriously secretive.

  • Ahh right, looks like folk will be waiting a bit longer to develop on an iPad. Good job i'm going the Surface Pro route then , though remote preview will still be handy for getting an idea how things run on the iOS platform.

  • Ashley in the meantime is it possible to make the editor a bit more compatible with the Windows Remote Preview on iPads? When I select objects on the screen or just drag and drop, it selects random objects and is unwieldy. This might be a multitouch issue.

    Is it possible to petition Apple write to their forums asking for support or anything like that?

    EDIT: I got it to work with a virtual mouse. It's a but insensitive (the mouse) but I guess this is the only option I have till Apple gets their excrements together.

    EDIT2: Just noticed that latest Safari supports CSS variables since 13 sept.

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