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  • Hello i have some question's can i buy Construction 3 Individual plan monthly? I reach limits in free edition so i think it's time to buy Construct 3 and i have problem i can't pay 90 euro once i need a monthly plan but i can't find option like this. Only option i find, is in Education plan and select 1 seat but if i buy Education plan i can use Construct 3 normally just for myself? If i buy Education plan can i use everything like in Individual can i add ads to app's etc ? Thanks for any answers :)

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  • I think the reason you can't do that option is so people don't make the whole game then buy 1 month and sell the game.

    Construct gets $100 if they force you to buy 1 year vs getting $10 if they allow per month. Or whatever the euro equivalent is.

    I think a nice compromise would be, to not allow monthly users to sell their games until a year subscription is bought. Just my two cents.

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