Construct 3 InAppPurchase not all functions working. Its been over 8months!

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  • Look i know you guys are focused and under the weather but come on guys!! Simple , critical things should at least be addressed within a year, surely????

    So many individuals are complaining about the InAppPurchase bugs and are now forced to buy other plugins cause your built in C3 version doesn't work correctly.

    I can post more links if you like!!

    If you going to charge for software at least deliver on some sort of service delivery. I understand bugs is a thing but to wait a year is ridiculous.

    Then rather remove it from your built in list and make it somebody else problem.


  • I agree totally! Trying to get things fixed is like banging your head against a brick wall. I’ve come to realise that C3 is fine if you are a hobbyist making games for yourself, but if you actually release apps for other people it is not fit for that purpose. There are just too many critical bugs to make C3 a reliable development environment. This is particularly the case with the C3 run time when it comes to iOS development. I’ve come across so many big bugs that I’ve now moved all my development efforts to Swift rather than C3. Swift gives you absolute control over every aspect of your development. Any bugs are of your making rather than being from the dev environment you are using! I kept a subscription to C3 for 2 years but for me it is time to move on to something more professional and reliable.

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  • 100% and in there defense i understand that issues will come, bugs, lack of hands maybe etc. We have a software development company and i fully understand.

    It's just when you have a issue that corresponds to the way users potentially earn revenue off what it is they trying to make, you think they would at least give it some serious attention. Its a built in function and a draw card to why i purchased C3.

    Almost a year since the bug was posted on there repo and still no fix. Its not good delivery practice.

    You might be right, maybe time to look for alternatives.

  • Very frequently the problem people have is they have misconfigured something, and then blame the plugin or Construct. We regularly help people get it working again by making sure they've done things like use the right IDs in the right places.

    There have been some bugs which really were in Construct. We do work hard to make sure these are resolved. However some issues are particularly difficult - the issue you linked to is tagged "difficult", but it also looks like it only happens in a specific set of circumstances, so it should not block other uses of the feature. We are a tiny team dealing with thousands of bug reports; please be patient, sometimes we need a bit more time to sort the thornier issues out.

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