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  • I have seen many great ideas posted in Construct 3's Ideas and Discussions Platform but many of the good ideas have not been developed but their must be many reasons to this such as the Construct 3 team has limited development time and some ideas may be impossible to develop into features but I think that it is an opportunity for brainstorming on those ideas and making those ideas more practical and also discussing those ideas which you want to be added to Construct 3 so that those ideas become better,faster and easier to develop and and by doing this I think that many of the problems against their development will be cleared,

    Why should I discuss and Brainstorm about the ideas that I want to be developed in Construct 3 ?

    Because those ideas can help you and like me you also must have seen many ideas in the Construct 3 Ideas and Suggestions Platform which you had deeply wanted to be developed but maybe they were not developed due to Problems against their development,

    I think that this is a chance for you to reduce the problems in their development and also improve those ideas with the help of others by brainstorming to improve the ideas which you want to be developed and if you want to then you can also optimize them and I intend to ask the developers of Construct 3 in this forum about which problems need to be solved and how much the suggested features need to be optimized so that they can be potentially developed or considered(As the developers of Construct 3 have limited resources) so that I can know the things that need to be improved in our ideas so that we can improve their chances of being added to Construct 3(In their original or modified form for a lack of a better word) as I believe that more of our ideas have been added to Construct 3 in their modified form(Used again for a lack of a better word)than in their original form after reading the release notes of New Features and Changes in many releases of Construct 3 and also I ask you to remember that by posting on this Topic you have nothing to lose and probably lots to gain along with many users of Construct 3 ,

    Note-What I believe may be incorrect and if it is then please tell me,

    Have a Great Day.

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