Is Construct a good engine for choice-based games?

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  • Definitely a newb when it comes to game development, but wondering if Construct is the best choice for my project. Sorry if this question is uninformed.

    I know it's a great engine for platformers and combat-based games. Is it good for games that are mostly choice-based, i.e. a lot of extended animations and maybe changes to the environment based on your choices, but not a ton of object interaction or collision?

    I want to make a game that's main appeal is its frame by frame animation. So more of an interactive animation with some game elements like item collection and dialogue trees.

    Would it be harder/easier to develop these kinds of games compared to a similar platform? The only experience I have is making flash games when I was a kid. Thanks!

  • Construct can do it, but I suspect there may be more specialized tools like ren'py that might make your life easier specifically for visual novel type games. I'd recommend just trying it out on either platform with some basic project ideas to see which you are more comfortable with.

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  • Thanks for the reply. Good to know.

    The thing is it would have elements of visual novels but not exactly. Like I want the character to be able to walk freely with the direction pad, etc with an isometric view. I'll play around in Construct and see how it goes. 👍

  • Just a quick heads up, the things you mentioned are already triggering alarm bells in the back of my head. "Isometric View", "Gamepad", "Inventory", and "Dialogue Trees" are all topics I wouldn't consider beginner material. On the other hand, there are significant amounts of existing resources like tutorials and examples available for these topics if you look for them.

    You'll probably run into many of the same logical problems regardless of what engine or platform you decide to work with, though I have limited experience with others.

    Try out the beginner tutorials first, and see if the way Construct's event and picking systems are structured make sense to you. Then if you get stuck on something specific you are trying to do but can't figure out or find a tutorial for then ask again on the forums and I'm sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Got it. Yeah I have a tendency to get ahead of myself haha. But also just wanted to know if it would be a good platform for that kind of game. Thanks for your help!

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