Construct 3: Debug?

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  • Hello!

    I wonder if the Debug portion has gotten update?

    It could have some improvements.

    My wish are:

    * Breakpoint insertable to triggers

    * Run line by line (event number by event number)

    In C2 I had understanding because of the old GUI hard to implement but now the new software is all browser so it should be easier (?) because both software and test outbut run in browser.

    Anyone else have debugging features they wish to add?

    Of course the breakpoint in trigger can be solved by adding system timescale = 0 (and then setting it to variable paused so you can strike a key to unpause it) and the line by line more awkward by adding Browser.Log text with info or t least the event number and having console up.

    But if it could be streamlined and also actual integration with event sheet = gooood!

  • i would realaly like to know this too, debug is not that complete compared to other debuggers

  • At launch, the C3 debugger will be the same as the C2 debugger.

    * Run line by line (event number by event number)

    You can already do that in the C2 debugger.

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  • Ok, ok, now that's new to me. I thought I knew it all about the C2 debug.

    Oh, it is the Step.

    But it won't tell me where it is "right now" in the event sheet. Can you show me how to activate this? Ashley

    If not available - then maybe something to add for C3.

    Plus how to use it in conjunction with pressing keys for movements.


    I played a little with it now, it is not working properly once I have done something in the game for example pressed a key, or so.. then the pause will just make it "suspended" and no resume, no step.

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