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  • As of r38.2, you can now use custom themes in Construct 3! Our designer Paulo has been working on a dark theme for the Construct 3 editor. Here's a preview of what it looks like.

    You can now download this theme and try it out for yourself! Click the link to download a .c3addon for the dark theme:

    [ edit: now available as a built-in from r41 - just select it in 'Settings'! ]

    Simply install this like any other addon in the Addon Manager, and restart C3. Then go to Settings and you should see the Dark theme listed under 'Themes'. Select the theme, close settings, and restart C3 again, and you should be using the new dark theme.

    Note this is a beta of the dark theme - themes can be tricky to get exactly right and sometimes can introduce bugs or quirks. So please let us know if you find anything amiss and we'll work to make sure everything works well with the new theme!

  • Looks amazing! great work, really looks up to date now total new feel for c3

    my notes:

    -startpage width is jumping , maybe some responsive setting

    -account icon menu is not correctly aligned (top right is good but not in the dropdown)

    -default background could be set to a slight darker color, don't think anyone uses white backgrounds anyway, and you can set it

    -still not a fan of the top taps, but mostly because they seem out of place there a better look would be the default buttonsshape , the colors are better now

    -remote view and startpage could use an icon for making it look complete, looks empty now

    -dropdown width is too small for many items, even with room to spare

    -personally i feel the active color is too bright

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  • The theme is nice but it does look very minimalist and places where it has titles for each section their's no background color change

    which makes it all merged I think it would be nice to have it so that each title in each section has a decent different color so we can easily see the title

    without searching through text and makes it look more professional in my opinion.

    I noticed that when I went to go add an event for a sprite object the items highlight color turquoise green is not textually centered .

  • Hoo looks awesome Good Job Scirra keep up the good work

  • Oh yeah...luv the darkness

  • Cool!

  • Wow! This makes c3 feel like premium! Really love it, great work.

  • Looking good. Probably should have lead with a dark theme.

  • I haven't tried the theme yet, but just as a side note: When you'll get to the final version of this theme, you might want to put up some images of C3 with this theme to the webpage to give that professional impression for new users.

  • My eyes! They're bleeding with delight!

    I've been dreaming of a subtle dark theme for C3 for so long. Thanks Paulo and Scirra team for making this happen. It really means a lot to me. And while it may look far fetched, it will most certainly influence the quality of my work.

  • This is fantastic, wanted this for years, thanks so much!

    A couple of issues:

    Normally when you select an action it highlights it. Good!

    But when you select an action at the bottom of the list, for some reason it also highlights "+ Add action" too, this feels bad and is distracting/unnecessary.


    Can't remember if this is only a problem with this theme or not, but resizing some of the dialogs occurs in weird places, in this image to resize that bottom right corner you have to move the mouse at an offset of like 20 pixels away from the corner.

  • Love it. Dark themes are the best, always easier on the eyes.

  • Hello, I am trying to create a new theme for construct 3 using as an example the Dark Theme

    But I can not find the way to change the color of the padlock (gray)

    How can I change that color?

  • It uses the theme icon color, which can also be altered by the user.

  • I found the code

    #layersBar ui-tree[fullrowselect] ui-treeitem[selected] ui-icon {
    		filter: invert(25%);
    I put it to 25% and it works better it does not look so dark
    or I can also remove the filter
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