Construct 3 Current Methods for Source Control?

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  • I am a source control junkie (git currently), so it definitely makes me all antsy to put the [Project].c3p file exported from C3 into source control (basically throwing a binary zip file into source control.) Yes, it will allow me to go back to older projects, but with no detailed history of changes, files added, etc. and each push/commit is the entire project, instead of just the files that have changed.

    What are folks current best methods for doing 'real' source control for C3?

    I started to experiment with unzipping the c3p file and checking in the unzipped results, but all the resulting files have the same date/time as the *.c3p file which will not work for source control (it cannot determine which files are newer / older.)

    Ashley is there a general solution coming? (Even if the unzipped files kept their 'original' date/time stamp I could work around the *.c3p file, but I imagine that this concept of date/time may be different now with local storage / cloud save, etc.)

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  • Yes, we'll release desktop builds with folder save support like C2 had, some time after beta.

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