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  • Announcing Construct Community Game Jam

    Recently we reached 1000 users on our discord community server, and to celebrate this we organised announced a game jam !

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    The game jam will be 2 weeks long and will be held from January 2nd to January 15th. The main goal of the jam will be to produce short games and minigames (a few minutes long at most) following a theme that will be revealed at the start of the jam. You will be allowed to make multiple submissions if you feel like it.

    Join the Construct Community Discord server if you haven't yet in order to discuss with other members of the community and take part in the jam:

    The construct team offered to give a one year C3 license to the winner. I will also be offering some of my plugins too.

    I hope you'll find this event cool and will participate with lots of amazing games!


  • Lovely video, looking forward to participating!

  • The jam is now live at !

    The theme for the jam is: Creative Common Controls

    Please read the rules before you start making your entry

    Happy game jamming!

  • hi

    can i participate with the free version?

  • I submitted my entry, the game is called Damaged Controls

    It's a space shooter with (you guessed it!) damaged controls. There are five short levels, and in each level controls are messed up in a different way :)

    Warning - the game is hard! But if you are skillful, resourceful and lucky, it's possible to beat all levels in less than 5 minutes.

    This is the first I'm participating in a game jam, I really enjoyed it and hope you enjoy playing my little game!

  • I submitted my entry, the game is called Damaged Controls

    that is actually a dope game dop2000 lmao ^_^

  • Thanks! :)

    Did you beat it? What's your time?

    My wife was cursing and hitting the keyboard, but refused help and finished all levels in about 30 minutes.

  • Thanks! :)

    Did you beat it? What's your time?

    nah, i gave up 10 minutes in, couldn't take it anymore ... was always dying xD i got unlucky on the keyboard commands broken thing, it always got me disabled when i was cluttered with asteroids...

    and sadly... i never finished the first stage .... im a bad player ... i know ... ^_^

  • Yeah, I might have made the first level a little too difficult. I made it easier, you can try again, if you want. You'll need to refresh the page (Ctrl-F5)

    I created a topic about my game in "Your C3 Creations" sub-forum, so better discuss it there and not spam this post any more.

  • hi

    can i participate with the free version?

    Yes you can absolutely do that :) beto76

    I submitted my entry, the game is called Damaged Controls

    Nice ! :D

  • I've submitted one entry already - Letters - A PC based keyboard typing skill game. supposed to last just a minute or so.

    A second entry should arrive tonight or tomorrow...

  • This is the first I'm participating in a game jam, and this is my little game: RoboDante

    Feel free to play and vote for Robodante!

  • Another entry, I took my ZElevation tech demo and turned it into a game and got something kind of pretty with questionable gameplay, just as you might expect with that process! It was great to do a jam though, a short deadline and end up with a project that is DONE. Thanks to the organizers for running it.!

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  • Hey everyone, I've just announced the winners on the Discord server

    Get in touch to get your prize!

  • Wow, I'm speechless! Thank you!!!

    And what a great timing, my C3 license expires next week :)

    I didn't really expect to win, because there were lots of strong entries. I particularly enjoyed playing A Night's Slide, At The Same Time and Bullet Jump. They are addictive, clever and fun. It's great that these games are getting prizes too.

    Again, a big thank you for organizing this jam!

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