[Construct 3] [Build Service] Increase the Mobile Build Service archive size limit.

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  • I recently just migrated my Construct 2 project to Construct 3 and I planned to test the cloud builder on Construct 3 with it. My Mobile Game .zip file has my estimate size of around maybe 180+ to 200mb+, I didn't get the actual size but it reached the archive size limit.

    Then, because of that, I removed the temporary files from my project, these were files for future easy modification and upgrades. And I got to an exact size of 108mb zip file size.

    Although, it still wasn't within the limit.

    Nepeo , I believe you are the one in charge of the Cloud Build to Local Build on Construct 3. I really need your help in the matter.


    P.S. As a suggestion, would it be possible to increase it up to 512mb or more?

  • Nepeo & Ashley, just in case you've forgotten.

  • How long is your upload taking? I think it might give the same error if it times out. The maximum size is something like 500MB so you shouldn't be hitting the upload limit. I feel I should point out that we don't currently support expansion APK's ( although it's still on my TODO list ) so for APKs Google Play will limit you to 100MB. You can still make and install larger APK files, it's just a play store limit.

    Apples limit is something like 2GB, so it's less of a problem.

  • Nepeo

    I re-uploaded and connected to a faster internet connection I could get at the time. It uploaded in a minute, I think that is already acceptable. But I still get the error :

    Build Failed

    Error: archive exceeded maximum size

    Exact Archive Size is : 109mb. Rounded-off, I assume.

    Regarding the Expansion APK problem. Thank you for informing me, I actually wanted to talk about it with a Construct Developer. I think it would really be helpful for us Construct users if you could get us that feature as soon as you guys can. Construct 3 looks like it is evolving to be viable for large mobile projects as Mobile Devices are improving performance for HTML5 and Construct 3's sprite-sheeting and runtime upgrades are helping in furthering its acceleration.

    Although, for the time being, I do have a, not so clean solution, which include server-side implementation. Which is applicable since I am developing a multiplayer game.

    But testing still requires it to be locally stored, so I would need the Cloud Build.

    However, it would really benefit us all, if APK Expansion Files were officially supported. A time-saver, cheaper, and clean.

    Thank You, again.

  • Nepeo

    Can you double-check the Cloud Build? Maybe there is just a small mistake on the limiter part. Maybe the limit is accidentally set to a smaller size, like instead of 500,000, it was set to 50,000.

    If not, maybe you can re-check and run some debugs or tests.

  • How odd, I checked and that particular error should be triggered when the inflated size of the archive exceeds 500MB. Could you tell me how big the archive is when unpacked? Once I know the rough conditions I will try to reproduce the issue myself.

    It's definitely something we want to resolve sooner rather than later. Unfortunately it's frustratingly awkward to implement, and the requirements for the feature are definitely not what I would call "clean". But, at least if we implemented it would be out of sight so devs don't have to do much extra.

    I've looked into alternative methods that are probably somewhat similar to what your doing; where a server holds an asset pack that the runtime downloads and loads assets from. It's actually fairly close to expansion APKs, and I expect quite a few games on the store actually do this. The downside is that if a user downloads a game, then runs it for the first time offline, it doesn't work. Expansion APKs don't actually guarantee to download when the user installs the game, so this can still happen with the "official" method frustratingly.

  • Nepeo

    Currently, my Archive unpacked is 657 MB. This must be the problem, when extracted/inflated, the folder is 657MB in size.

    I thought, the measurement was determined by the Archive Size, not the extracted size.

    Regarding the APK Expansion files, that's a good point. Expansion Files may not be a guaranteed solution.

    It would be better to just download my assets from a server.

    Maybe Construct can make an easier future feature for that though. And even maybe, sell some server slots. Make a dedicated plugin, additional features and etc.

    But that is only a suggestion, the upcoming runtime might be more important.

    Although, it might be a better solution for Construct 3 developers than Expansion Files.

  • Nepeo

    Can you increase the Cloud Build to 1GB or more for the Decompressed Zip Size. Construct supports up to 2GB sized games and in the future Expansion Files too. So, I think it wouldn't hurt to increase it now since in the first place, it will eventually be increased.


  • Nepeo & Ashley, just in case you've forgotten.

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  • Sorry I got a bit sidelined, haven't looked at the forums for a while.

    The expanded size limit is a safety check, it's possible to produce very small zip files that are very VERY large ( look up zip bombs ). We do use 2 separate limits for these checks, but they are both set as 500MB at the moment.

    I can't think of any immediate show stoppers for increasing the size, let me consider it for awhile and I'll get back to you.

    I've started some work on Expansion APKs and I think the ways it's going to work is that the projects assets won't be transferred to the build service, they would be packed into a separate archive on the client. So these limits will hopefully be less of a problem. In terms of how that asset bundle is hosted I'm hoping we can have a flexible solution, so the dev can decide if they want to store the bundle on their own server or use it as an expansion APK.

  • Okay, that's great. I trust your judgement on that. But if you would re-consider for a temporary solution, that would also be great.

    I've heard about Zip-Bombs before and I think it wouldn't hurt if we add a few more Gigabytes, just enough to at least reach Apple's size limit.

    No pressure but I'm looking forward to the Expansion Assets / Asset Bundle feature. I'll await your future announcement.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and being transparent about the incoming features.

  • Nepeo I'm sorry to bother again. With the new future support for the Expansion Apks and Asset Bundle. Would it be possible to support external builders like Cocoon.IO and Phonegap?


  • Especially Cocoon.IO since users might require in the future to try out Canvas+ and Webview+ for performance demanding games.

  • The intention is to support other cordova based build services yes, although priority will be given the the vanilla cordova CLI and the construct build service. I'm not expecting compatibility issues with PGB though.

  • That's great.

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