Construct 3 asset storage and liability

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  • I have been using construct since the beginning. I was an early adopter (paid beta ) and have worked with it and enjoyed it. I have real concern with the always online aspects of the new construct 3. I expect like other online applications the content for the development is stored remotely on the Scirra servers. I also expect that the license will include indemnification of Scirra for theft or loss of data. I have paid almost 20k for asset for my title and I am worried about storing them on your servers where we don't even know if they are encrypted or if an admin can just browse them at any time they want. At this time my legal advisor is recommending I split with the construct engine due to this fact. I have put almost a year into a title I don't want to change to another engine. Will you be back porting features to construct 2 from 3, and will Construct 2 still be available for licensing?

    Deeply concerned,


  • C3 gives you the choice to store your assets locally or in the cloud, as clearly stated in the Construct 3 Official Information FAQs.

  • We don't store any of your project data on our servers. The only cloud services we will initially support are Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. You also don't have to use them - you can keep all your content locally like with C2 - and C3 itself can work offline too. This blog post covers it in more detail.

  • I thought cloud service was part of the argument for the subscription model? It seems like every new feature has a catch to it.

    • C3 is now cross platform! (but it can only be used with the chrome browser)
    • C3 can be used on your mobile device! (but it has to be an android or widows phone with chrome installed)
    • C3 can save your project to the cloud! (but you have to use a third party cloud service)

    If it works, it works, I guess. In some ways C3 sounds very powerful, but in other ways it feels limited.

  • At first I mistook the cloud service as Construct's own service where we could share public or not our projects, easy way to browse and get examples. But not so. Maybe in future?

  • I think the OP clearly illustrates why we probably wouldn't want to offer our own cloud service.

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  • True enough. But maybe for public projects as such? Example sharing.

  • New site will allow attachments in various places (forum, possibly even comments etc).

  • New site will allow attachments in various places (forum, possibly even comments etc).

    That's great.

    Also, I like the idea of using 3rd party clouds. While one could argue that the price should include an in-house hosted storage, in my view the open minded approach we have is better.

  • Then I will hope for ability to bookmark favorite threads/replies.

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