Construct for android app for bussines?

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  • Hello i now discovering construct, and looking ajax and iframe plugins,we with those options can connect to database and all web services, we actually can make and some apps right? Instead to upload game we can make and bussines apps?

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  • While technically you can, this is something I've tried to do without a huge amount of success.

    - iframes won't always load a clients web site. This would require the client to modify their site(s)

    - PDFs can't be loaded in C3 at this time. C2 had plugins available, but C3 does not at this time.

    - SQL Can be written via scripting.

    - I had issues getting the screen to look right without having to create forms online.

    Simplistically you can write everything elsewhere as web/css, and use Construct 3 as a shell to view it all. I'm not sure how iOS publishable it will be that route however.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, i will start playing with options.

    On first " look" , for business apps important stuff:

    login/sign up ( ajax + mysql) - this is fine

    push notification - I saw master collection plugin, this is fine too ?

    connection with mysql- take data and send - ajax fine too

    web services - php + API + ajax - fine too

    take geolocation- Construct plugin + php API for GPS- fine too

    If i look from freelance angle and what clients need, a lot clients wants some android app to connect with exist website, and problems what you notices about PDF or iframe we can solve with some new plugins -make new plugins and make construct familiar for bussines apps too .

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