Construct 3 is amazing.

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  • I've been looking for this game editor/IDE/engine/whatever you want to call it my whole life.

    Construct 3 is THE SINGLE MOST user friendly, intuitive, and surprisingly powerful game development software I've ever used.

    I love how easy the tutorials are to follow. I love how everything makes sense. I love how there's a template for every type of 2d game out there, showing you how it works and hoe you can apply those concepts to your own game.

    The licensing is superb, no royalties? I'll keep this subscription for as long as this software is around.

    The community is great. Need bullets to change direction based on your character's position? There's an easy to follow forum thread for that.

    Scirra is an incredible company. I hope you continue to improve this software and make more.

    Nothing else, Just really stoked.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying Construct 😃

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