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  • After you save to project to folder, and close the app, how can you reload the project when you open it agian, it's expecting a .c3p file but i'm only getting .c3proj file in the root, but its not opening it with that? is there some i'm missing?

  • + 1 Mac user here. Any news about the Mac version?

  • Control + W should close the current tab (i.e. the current event sheet), like closing a browser tab.

  • Is anyone else having issue exporting a Debug APK from the current version of the desktop build?

  • OMG !

    It was released since 8th January. But I was never know this

    I found this post today even i regular comes in this website

  • hello C3 colleagues,

    What is the reason why some people want a desktop version instead of a browser version?

  • I've updated the original post with a new desktop build based on Chrome 64 and including dev tools, which is useful for NW.js developers.

  • How do we get the beta releases in the desktop version now?

  • It's not supported yet, we need to figure out a good way to distribute it.

  • hello C3 colleagues,

    What is the reason why some people want a desktop version instead of a browser version?

    Hi mumu64!

    They want (and I absolutely want) a real professional software, not an instable web gadget.

    The reasons are numerous and have been enormously detailed everywhere on the forums.

    In bulk, from my modest point of view, to quickly and not exhaustively summarize:

    • Stable, solid, fast and efficient application, responsive and docile at all times.
    • A GUI correlated with Windows (or other OS), no Ajax/Bootstrap like sensation.
    • Ability to manipulate/preview files (assets, data...) locally, on runtime without web.

    Seriously, can we imagine Photoshop, Unity or other in a Chrome tab without comfort loss?

    I sometimes feel that us, customers, are the only ones to hardly develop games and prototypes.

    + Scirra merely makes C2/C3 versions available without knowing all our daily problems/expectations.

    + It also seems to me that C3 templates was C2 made, it's even obvious (1st Game Jam nightmares).

    That said: C3 is a great tool and clearly the team is working hard everyday to improve it.

    Personally, I currently stay on C2 despite my C3 license and the difference is very present.

    But C2 is so clumsily aging! I have sacrified a long time for better, it is always the case.

    SEARCH FUNCTIONNALITY SHOULD BE BETTER (a trainee must be able to do something).

    Please Ashley, don't hit me, and thanks for all ... My English is flawed and I'm just honest.

  • hello C3 colleagues,

    What is the reason why some people want a desktop version instead of a browser version?

    Because if you uncautiously hit the clear local storage button you are pretty much screwed lol

  • hello C3 colleagues,

    What is the reason why some people want a desktop version instead of a browser version?

    The browser version, for security reasons, cannot save as a project folder. It will only save as a .c3p file locally, in storage (through linking to dropbox etc.) or to local storage. This makes it nigh on impossible to use with source control (github, bitbucket etc.).

    The desktop version can save out individual files to project folders, and so can be used with source control.

    That's the main reason people want it, and not what Sebastien has said. As a long time C2 user and current C3 user, there is no difference in use between browser or desktop - it's all in your mind (we all had to get used to it!), and lots of people are just whinging and salty about Scirra's choice to a subscription model. They just need to get over it and it bears no relation to the software itself.

  • Hi Psynaptik! Hi !

    It's not in my mind at all, it's real in practice, when I use C2 and C3 in parallel to do exactly the same thing, everything is faster and more comfortable with C2. And this is not a question of habit either because C2 is very capricious too. It's a software reality.

    Have you just read my hint about Photoshop or Unity (whatever) in a Chrome tab?

    I have been working in development since 1998 (not counting studies and not counting my passion from childhood), I also managed teams, worked for very large companies and used a multitude of applications, I never took my hands out of the mud and I have always, like a fatality, been raised to quality services, whatever my job was and probably because of my sensitivity and expert eye.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the chance to master English as if it were my native language - it's very difficult for me, even if I spend any day without reading it, listening it, writing it - to have as much nuance and humor as in French. I make a lot of effort because I understood that in game development, it is essential to master English, which puts an additional barrier to the rest of the world. It took me a long time to understand that Kyatric was French too, perhaps he may know (help me) what I really mean in these few big words.

    Finally I am still, quite agree with what you say, my list, as indicated, was not exhaustive and is not delusional at all. It's just a pure reality. And you, as you underline here, are fair too: browser security, files/storage issues, new business model etc... are the reality too and real problems, not fantasy either, sorry to have forgotten to synthesize them in my answer.

    In short, the comfort, in every way, and whatever you think, is not the same at all in the current state.

    But I admit that C3 is a very beautiful jewel (<3), except that I still have to wait to switch permanently.

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  • Thank you for explaining some of the reasons.

  • Now I need a mac version.

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