A Construct 2-3 team ?

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  • Hello friends

    Most of us use this game engine for building many games,specially for mobile platform.But many games are released in a single day and there are very strong chances that our game gets smashed between them.But if we somehow arrange 500-1000 downloads then the playstore algorithm will favor our game

    So i have an idea in my mind

    1.) Construct 3 team will send an email to all construct 3 users and a tweet,covering all mobile game launches.Tweet will not only help the game developer but will also help construct in long run(advertisement).There will be few downloads gained from email itself

    What are your opinion friends? You can also add your idea if you want !!!

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  • 2.) translations

    google translations are fine,but it really sucks for game development.And grammatical mistakes give a very bad impression.But here ,we are from different places.Some from united states,some from russia ,turkey etc.Hence we can help each other in translations.And translations for games do not take too much time as very few sentences are used

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