Consruct3 iAP And Ads plugins - more info?

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  • From the Scirra blog:

    [quote:2dk157hg]We'll also provide brand-new IAP and ad plugins for iOS and Android, as well as building and maintaining the underlying Cordova plugins ourselves. This should minimise any difficulties with configuration or third-party libraries.

    Hi Ashley , Tom is it possible to get some more information about these plugins please?:

    Will the iAP plugin support both consumable and non-consumable iAPs?

    With the Ad plugin, which ad networks would be supported? Will you provide some alternative ad networks or will it only be AdMob as is the case with C2? It would be great to have official plugins for other networks like Chartboost or Applovin for example? Is this a possibility?

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  • I agree!

    Official plugins maintained by scirra handling ads from ad networks that has rewarded video ads and all the other things mentioned by Artpunk (steam etc)

    would definitely seal the deal for me.

  • I agree!

  • I agree!

    It would be nice to have a list with all the available networks also it would be amazing to have a proper share button this time!

  • I agree

    "rewarded video ads" would be nice.

  • I only hope the will not use admob mediation for other ad networks. I mean a lot of people get banned from admob (i wont get into reasons why) and they switch to other ad networks. If scirra will support only admob plugin(like they did in construct2) this will be very bad for game developers. That means , if developers cant use admob, they cant use any other ad network which would mean that contruct 3 will be pointless to use also.

    So please scirra, support more ad networks with native plugins, and NOT through admob mediation.

    UPDATE : i just saw thet scirra will allow 3rd party plugins. This is a good feature :

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