considerable lag rendering spritesheets in editor

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  • since updating to r240 beta I've notice considerable lag when going to a layout I have not been on for some time. I have a decently large project file.

    10-20 seconds before the sprites load (in the editor) and down the bottom left it says:

    Rendering Sprite Sheets....(has a count)

    Creating Textures....(has a count)

    Has something changed recently that would effect this? It's mildly annoying, but it wasn't doing this before and the size of my layouts/objects hasn't changed that much.

  • We did not change anything relating to spritesheets in r240.

    I would guess it's something else that changed and you falsely correlated it with the update, which is quite common.

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  • Ashley sorry, I meant to say in my transition from r234.4 to r240. I skipped all the betas in between (before r240) so it was fairly obvious to see the time difference when I hadn't added anything to the project. I was just wondering if others were experiencing the same thing. It could be as simple as other Chrome processes taking up system resources, I have a fairly old computer (2014).

  • It could be service workers handle/load the new module javascript, which c3 tries to implement, slower or fail to do so in some cases.

  • Check the release notes to see what we've changed. I don't recall that we've changed anything about handling spritesheets recently though. As ever it's difficult to help unless there's more information to work with.

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