Confusion about the categories of system conditions

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  • Although usually use search to find the conditions want to use

    But look closely, and there are many places where the classification feels strange

    The General category is like a hodgepodge.

    There are already columns.Why not category them by their use?

    Every tick

    Why not places it in Time categories.Isn't that a more reasonable classification?

    compare time | Every X seconds | Every tick


    Compare variable | Is boolean set

    Compare Two values | Is between values

    Test Value

    Is number NaN | Is value type

    Test regex

    The remaining ones can be left at General.

    Object UID exists | Is group active

    In fact, I think, the variables category, also can be divided into different types of variables.


    Compare variable | Compare Two values | Is between values


    Is boolean set

    In this way, if more types are supported, such as colors, arrays, and objects, the classification can be more intuitive

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  • "Every tick" doesn't have anything to do with the clock time, so I don't think it fits in the "Time" category.

    "Compare two values" and "Is between values" aren't specifically to do with global or local variables, so I don't think it fits in the "Variables" category either.

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