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  • So, I have a plugin called "Spine" and I ran SpinePluginTest project, which can be found here (it's called Sample Project):

    And it worked perfectly fine. Construct 3 loaded the character perfectly and played animation based on the JSON script. So, I downloaded the JSON, Atlas and PNG from the project to import into my test project and it just didn't want to create the character. It produced this error in the console:

    Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: HTMLCanvasElement is not defined

    So I ran the debug on both projects and the only difference was that the Sample Project hosts on DOM while my project hosts on Worker. So I created a main.js script (default one, and as I was looking on how to see how to change to DOM host), ran the project and, suddenly, my project hosts on DOM and draws the character and does the animation just fine.

    Completely new to Construct 3 and I am terrible at JS (prefer C# and C++). Does anyone know why Spine plugin works on DOM and not on Worker?


  • It's explained in the Spine Github documentation under Additional Spine project guidelines

    "Do not use worker mode for C3 (see below for details.)"

    Might wanna read through them entirely to not get more surprises :P

  • It confused me since in "Current supported features" it says "C3 Worker mode support". Made me forget that they wrote before that it is not supported.

    Thank you very much.

  • Yes, sorry I will correct the documentation. There was a version of the runtime from the Spine API team which broke worker mode. There is a new version that _may_ have fixed the issue. I will try updating with that next week. Meanwhile, I will update the document to remove that 'feature' comment. Thanks for trying it out.

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  • Thank you for creating the plugin! It works very well for what I am using it for.

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