Concurrent Users: Personal Licenses vs. Business License

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  • Hello there!

    I'm part of avery new team and is considering to buy a license for Construct 3. Just a few questions.

    While it sounds obvious, just want to double check that the Personal License is only useable by one user? So if another person on my team would like to use the programme, I will need to purchase another license, correct?

    On the other hand, the Business Licenses opens a number of seats at time of purchase... which is equal to the number of concurrent users allowed, correct?

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  • Hi pinewoodpine

    Yes, a Personal License is intended for one user only, though that user may use multiple devices - phone and computer for example.

    If you are a business of any kind (including sole traders and startups), you must purchase a business license and you can choose how many seats you want with that license when you purchase it. Bear in mind though that 1 seat = 1 license.

  • Are you a registered company of just a team of guys making a game in your spare time? How big is your project?

    Perhaps it makes more financial sense for each of your team to buy a personal license then when your project nears completion and you are ready to release upgrade to the business license if you become a company.

  • Sorry for the late reply!

    I took the bait long ago and is now swimming with the fishies in the tank.

    Laura: Thanks for the answer! We ended up only purchasing one license as we only have one coder and he'll be using C3 almost all the time. The rest of us aren't really useful on that front since we, uh, can't code to save our lives. :)

    mOOnpunk: We belong in the latter category (we are not a registered business in any ways). Project size is... ambitious (God bless our souls).

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