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  • Just wanted to comment and say Thanks to the Scirra team for their hard work. C3 is steadily improving and I'm loving every bit of it. A lot of cool and useful tings have been added lately.

    R143 (Beta)

    The main thing I wanted to comment on was the new visual represenation of lines for the Path movement for timeline. I really hope this is just a first step of similar things to come. Working a lot with UI, and UX daily in various softwares I want to highlight the importance of visual feedback of what's going on.

    For example:

    The particle plugin has a spray cone for visual representation. A seemingly minute thing, but has a lot of impact on understanding what the plugin does, and how it works, and what will happen, even without pressing live preview.

    My hope for the future is that more plugins get extended with visual representations similar to this. For example LOS behaviour is one example that would make sense to have a similar visual representation, of the area. The new Orbit is another one that could make use of some visual representation of the orbit.

    The new path lines with handles you can move around for timeline is an awesome example how the usability of this new feature took a leap with this new addition. Great work guys, and I hope it's something you will keep in mind when designing new features in the future.

    Keep up the good work!

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  • tunepunkTotally agree with that. That makes creation even more intuitive and fun!

    To me that's Construct power : getting better and better, always.

    Keep onto that, please!

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