Collision problems in platform game related to enemy movement

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  • My students are currently working on a platform game project using Construct 3. Several students have encountered an odd problem related to enemy movement.

    When they were first learning how to use Construct 3, I walked them through a simple platform game exercise based on Ashley's platform game tutorial from 2012. This approach uses invisible collision boxes and a boolean instance variable to make sure that enemies turn around when they reach the edge of the platform.

    This solution works on most of the student projects, but not for all of them. The weird thing is that this works for a while, and then the enemies suddenly start traveling past the collision boxes that are supposed to make them turn around.

    Something similar happened to a student two years ago, and we never figured out what was causing the problem.

    We have been trying to hack around this problem by identifying the troublesome enemy sprites via UID and adding an additional layer of code, but this is obviously not an idea solution.

    Does anyone have ideas about what might be causing this?

    I realize that it's easier to debug with a CAPX file attached. I hesitate to upload my students' work without their permission.


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