cloud saving in beta?

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  • is any one else experiencing inconsistent cloud saving in the new beta. so pretty much the browser just seems to hangs and it does not save, also preview stops working after a while.

    it stays at zero percent, there are no console errors, inspecting teh network tab it's making a request to z-worker

    this request stays pending indefinitely

    This seems to be happening on a regular basis, I am going to file a bug report, but it would also be good to know if anyone else is having the issue just to rule out it being project related, or maybe a connection issue on my end.

  • z-worker is part of the archiving process, so it would be affecting any form of saving not just cloud save. I don't think we've heard any other mentions of this. Best guess is some networking issue?

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  • That's why I have not filed a bug yet doing a bit more research, I will check on a different connection later today and verify it's not a local issue. Thanks

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