Cloud Save to Dropbox question.

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  • Is it really necessary for C3 to upload files to my dropbox everytime I press save button?

    and what happens if I quit while uploading? are those files save somewhere before they are sent?

    The thing is, I'm on the mobile internet connection (that's all I can get here) and after adding some sounds and music to my projects they start to grow from X MB to XX MB. It's not a problem with small test projects, but now every time I press save button it takes longer and longer for fully upload my project.

    Instead of uploading it, Would it be possible to simply save the file in dropbox folder? Cause if you are using dropbox then you need to have a dropbox folder installed somewhere (just specify the correct path if you are using your pc) and sync it at night or when it's comfortable.

    It could be an option or something, if you work on your own desktop then simply save a file in dropbox folder but if you are using different pc then send/upload file.

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