Cloud Open and Cloud Saves no longer working

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  • I'm having some trouble trying to open up projects or save them on my Google Drive. When I click to cloud save or open project, the window pops up, but it only shows a blank dark grey box.

    Is there any way of fix this?


  • Example here:

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  • I believe you're running the latest beta, roll back to 204 and it's fine. Hopefully the next beta will address it.

  • I'm currently on r204.2 stable? Is that a problem with cloud saves?

    If so, how would I change versions?

  • Hmmm. I did have issues with the 205 beta and cloud, but as soon as I went back to 204 it worked fine. is the version that worked for me.

  • Seems none of these versions are working. I am currently using the Vivaldi Web browser, which quite recently did work with the cloud save. It's a Chromium browser. However, using Chrome itself seems to work.

    Not sure what happened on Vivaldi's end to keep this from working...

  • Has Construct changed in any way on how it works with Chromium browsers? Not sure why Vivaldi would be having this problem now only a week from it working beforehand.

  • +1 for this failing on 204.2. An upgrade to 204.2 today gives an unknown error saving to OneDrive. Happens on multiple machines running the latest Chrome.

    Rolling back to 197.2 allows it to save again.

    Console errors:

    sandbox.js:1 PUT!11145:/PT%20Keys%201.7.8d.c3p:/content?@microsoft.graph.conflictBehavior=replace net::ERR_FAILED (anonymous) sandbox.js:1 request sandbox.js:1 (anonymous) sandbox.js:1 async function (async) (anonymous) sandbox.js:1 t sandbox.js:1 ǃera sandbox.js:1 (anonymous) sandbox.js:1 main.js:210 Error saving: {response: "", code: 0, status: "", message: ""}

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