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  • Hi support,

    I hope you are doing great, I am asking help because I have a big problem since construct latest updates and I don't know how to set it back to work or at least possible fix. Let me put it on some details below:

    UserName: 1joyalife

    Browser: Chrome, Firefox up-to-date.

    Construct Version: 234.4.

    export features: playable/ads without compression

    On Chrome

    On Firefox

    On chrome it looks download problem of box2.wasm and Firefox variable issue. Construct platform everything looks good and working quite well the problem as I said is when I go to make exportable as playable ads format. Focus just on Playable ads 'cause HTML5 works pretty well.

    Anything that comes up I'll let you know.

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  • This is definitely a bug and you need to properly report it here:

  • Have you solved that problem yet?

  • I had a quick look at this and there is actually a bug in Chrome that causes a problem in playable ads when using module scripts. I reported it to Google and they'll need to fix it. In the mean time it's best to switch the scripts type back to "Classic".

    I tried to work around this for the next release, but the restrictions on playable ads is so extreme, we basically have no good options to explore. I think playable ads can actually work with a zip of a HTML5 export, so you could try that as an alternative. The Facebook playable ad preview tool also seems pretty broken, so it's really hard to test this. I previously repeatedly tried to get them to fix it and they completely ignored me, so I'm not sure if the preview tool will ever really work...

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